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Requirements Engineering (IN2394) 
Sommersemester 2021
Informatik 4 - Lehrstuhl für Software & Systems Engineering (Prof. Pretschner)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Requirements Engineering (RE) as a first and ongoing activity of a development project, is crucial for the success of every project, as its outcome determines the further course of the project.

In this activity, the stakeholders are identified. Their goals are analysed and conflicting goals resolved. A variety of elicitation methods and decomposition techniques are applied to deduce concrete requirements. Depending on the context of the project, different methods to formulate these requirements are necessary. Continuous quality control is essential to mitigate the risk of project failure due to ill-formulated or invalid specifications.
Furthermore, non-functional requirements need to be formulated with great care to minimize subjectiveness. One major challenge in the context of RE is to manage permanently occurring change. This change can happen due to moving goals of the stakeholders or changes in the environment of the system under construction.

The lecture "Requirements Engineering" covers all important topics of Requirements Engineering (RE), especially the RE-
Tasks, different types of requirements, requirement extraction,
negotiation, documentation, and management. It is shown how the first, mostly informal, requirements are described, concretized, potentially formalized, managed, and evolved. This lecture considers different process models that are used for and within RE.
This forms a solid basis for students to become active in both industrial requirements engineering and RE research.
IN0006 Introduction to Software Engineering
After successful completion of this module, students are familiar with the basic concepts and methods of Requirements Engineering. They have the ability to analyse typical scenarios and identify typical challenges. Furthermore, students can apply and evaluate suitable concepts and methods for concrete problems.
mit medialer Unterstützung
Prerecorded videos of the lecture, which features animated slideshows and digital whiteboards, present the central questions and challenges of requirement engineering. The contents of the lecture are illustrated by realistic examples and hands-on case studies.
Since the videos are made available online, a repeated study is made possible.
A weekly exercise sheet is provided, yet not corrected, for further individual study to deepen the understanding of the concepts explained in the lecture.

All material will be provided in the moodle course!
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E-Learning Kurs (Moodle)
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