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Statistical Inverse Problems [MA5428] 
Summer semester 2021
Research Department Mathematics Centre
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The class fill follow the following outline: Introductory examples, linear inverse problems with random noise, minimax approach, regularization methods, rates of convergence, adaptation and oracle inequalities, model selection.
Linear Algebra, Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics
After successful completion of the module, students are able to state and compare different results at the interface of statistics and the theory of inverse problems, and they can apply them to explicit examples. Furthermore, they understand important proof techniques, and are able to transfer them to related problems not covered in the course.
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- Cavalier, Laurent: Inverse Problems in Statistics, in: Alquier, Pierre, Gautier, Eric, Stoltz, Gilles (Eds.): Inverse Problems and High-Dimensional Estimation, Springer, 2011
- Kaipio, Jari, Somersalo, Erkki: Statistical and computational inverse problems, Springer, 2005
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