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Superconducting Quantum Circuits 
introductory seminar
Winter semester 2013/14
Chair of Technical Physics (E23) - (Prof. Gross/Prof. Filipp)
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For approximately 10 years, superconducting quantum circuits printed on silicon chips are used to study the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics. Two prototypical examples for such circuits are transmission line resonators (quantum harmonic oscillators) and qubits (quantum two level systems). The former can also be interpreted as "boxes" for microwave photons, the latter as artificial -or better simulated - atoms. Superconducting quantum circuits exhibit a high potential for applications in solid-state based quantum information processing and for the investigation of fundamental quantum mechanical processes such as light-matter interaction.
Recommended is basic knowledge in quantum mechanics and solid state physics.
In this seminar, every participant introduces one aspect of the current research on superconducting quantum circuits by means of a 45-minute presentation.
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With the help of an experienced supervisor independently prepared 45 minute presentation.
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Note: Distribution of topics on the first day of the course.
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