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Manned Spaceflight 
Winter semester 2013/14
Chair of Astronautics (Prof. Walter)
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Allocations: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
- Selection - training - EVA
- Manned Space Transportation systems
- Space environment and the Bio-medical Effects on Humans
- Space psychology and Ergonomics
- Life Support systems
- Habitat design in the Orbit and on Planets
- Mission design for Manned Space Missions
The participants should be able to answer the following exemplary questions at the end of the lecture series:
How do you become an astronaut and what are the requirements?
How does a typical day in the life of an astronaut look like, in space and on the ground?
What happens to the human body in space?
What are the requirements for manned systems to keep humans alive?
What are the engineering aspects of developing, building and operating manned systems?
Why does the ISS look the way it does?
What possibilities are there to use local resources on the moon, for example?
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Note: None.
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Geschichte der Raumfahrt, W. Buedeler,
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For further literature please contact the teaching assistant.
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