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Foundations of program and system development (IN2078) 
lecture with integrated exercises
Winter semester 2014/15
Informatics 4 - Chair of Software & Systems Engineering (Prof. Pretschner)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
System and program development cover all activities to build software and/or
programs seen as descriptions of data and algorithms in a formal language to
define an application and task-oriented software solution. One of the large
difficulties of program development is founded in the precise and unambiguous
description and documentation of the program based on the associated
description media, underlying models, theories, structures, decisions and the
used ideas. The lecture presents the scientific base, and thus logical and
mathematical founding of the concepts, models and methods arising with it.
Beside these models and description media a methodical framework is necessary
development rules for the execution of design steps as well as a concept for
the systematic program development. In the lecture only individual development
steps are treated and the main focus is given by the methodical and
description-technical foundation in software engineering.
Topics are
- Data modelling: Abstract description of data structures
- Signatures, algebras, models and description media
- Axiomatic descriptions
- Data type declarations and object model
- Change of the data structure; stepwise development of data
- Modelling of program specifications and algorithms:
- Functional programming: specification, refinement and verification
- Procedure-oriented programming: specification, assumptions, Hoare-rules
- Predicative specification, stepwise refinement, verification
- Network structures
- Sequential OO-programs and their specification
see Module description IN2078

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