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Introduction to Entrepreneurship (WI000801/WI0001058) (Part I of Module "Foundations of Entrepreneurial and Ethical Business") 
Winter semester 2014/15
Chair of Entrepreneurship (Prof. Patzelt)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
The course offers introductory lectures to the topic of entrepreneurship. Topic include, but are not limited to, the following: Entrepreneurship and economic growth, entrepreneurial motivation and psychology, creativity, entrepreneurial emotions, opportunity recognition und evaluation, opportunity assessment und business planning, entrepreneurial human and social capital, financing sources for young ventures, growth strategies, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial failure.
Contact: Carmen Lieske, carmen.lieske@tum.de
After course participation students are able to, e.g., (i) analyze the basics of entrepreneurial motivation and cognition, (ii) understand the role of uncertainty in entrepreneurial decision making, (iii) evaluate strategic aspects and planning issues in entrepreneurial ventures, (iv) explain the role of entrepreneurial human and social capital, (v) understand the meaning of entrepreneurial failure for individuals and the economy, and (vi) remember special forms of entrepreneurship including social and sustainability entrepreneurship.
class lecture
The module consists of a series of lectures. Besides the theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship the lectures will use practical examples and cases to illustrate the entrepreneurial process. Guest lectures on selected topics provide information and perspectives complementary to the topics of the lecture.
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Hisrich, R. D./Peters, M. P./Shepherd, D. A.: Entrepreneurship, 8th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2010
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