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Space Propulsion 1 (MW0223) 
Summer semester 2015
Professorship of Raumfahrtantriebe (Prof. Haidn)
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Space Propulsion 1 as Supplementary Course (MW0223, deprecated)

The lecture "Space Propulsion 1" is hold in the summer term. The fundamentals of rocket propulsion are conveyed using the example of commercial space transportation systems. Apart from basic terms of orbit mechanics, important characteristics of rocket engines are presented in detail. A main focus is the group of liquid rocket engines due to its high importance in aerospace. Hereby, propellants, construction and design, thrust chamber components and turbo machinery is discussed. Special features of auxiliary and satellite engines are addressed separately. Furthermore important characteristics of solid rocket propulsion, hybrid propulsion, ramjets and electric propulsion as well as nuclear propulsion are presented. Finally, an insight in actual rocket engine development as well as business environment and structures of european aerospace industry is given.
After attendance to the lecture "Space Propulsion 1" students can define the important terms of rocketry and name essential determining factors. They are able to comprehend the complexity of the processes taking place in a rocket engine. The students have the ability to analyse significant features of real rocket engines by means of simplified models and to evaluate their performance on base of characteristic numbers.
Within the course, the content of teaching is given by presentation and lecture. Definitions and fundamentals are presented and internalised with the help of real applications and calculational examples. The slides of the presentation, additional information, exercises with sample solution and a comprehensive questionaire are provided via TUM E-Learning system. A question time will be arranged some time before examination. Specific questions may be discussed with the lecturers after each lecture or during consultation-hour (on appointment). The module is complemented by a voluntary excursion.
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George P. Sutton, Oscar Biblarz: "Rocket Propulsion Elements"; 7th Ed., Wiley-Interscience, 2000, ISBN 0-471-32642-9
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