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Scientific Visualization - Algorithms for Data Visualization (IN2026, IN8019) 
Lecture w/ Exercise
3 Lecture/1 Exercise
Winter semester 2015/16
Informatics 15 - Chair of Computer Graphics and Visualization (Prof. Westermann)
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This lecture provides an introduction to the fundamentals of data visualization. It discusses the different stages of the visualization pipeline and exemplifies application areas where data visualization is paramount. It gives a survey over the many different sources the data can result from, and addresses techniques to bring the initial data into a form that can be visualized. Particular aspects covered are data interpolation, triangulation, and filtering techniques. We will then outline different strategies to map the data onto a visual representation via graphical primitives. Finally, specific visualization fields are addressed, such as volume visualization and flow visualization.
The students understand the basic visualization algorithms used by modern visualization software. They learn for which data types to use these algorithms, and they become aware of frequently used software systems supporting these algorithms. In the practical exercise, students are introduced to some available software systems, and they are supposed to work with these systems on their own initiative.
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