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Helicopter Dynamics and Flight Control” 
Winter semester 2015/16
Chair of Helicopter Technology (Prof. Hajek)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Part 1: Helicopter Dynamics
Development of a dynamic helicopter model as a prerequisite for flying qualities analysis and
flight control system design
- Introduction: Basic differences between fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft
- Rotor aerodynamics in hover, vertical climb, and decent
- Rotor dynamics: Blade flapping and lagging
- Rotor forces in forward flight
- Trim conditions
- Equations of motion
- Eigenmodes and stability
- Dynamic coupling between airframe and rotor
Part 2: Helicopter Flight Control
Flight control system design based upon the helicopter model and flying qualities
- Functional requirements
- Control laws for command and stability augmentation
- Operational requirements
- Configuration of flight control system
Basic knowledge of control theory
The lecture is intended to explain to the student the physical principles of how forces and
moments are generated, by which the helicopter flying qualities are determined, i. e. stability,
controllability, and response to disturbances. The knowledge of the plant and the understanding
of how the plant is functioning are prerequisites for designing a control system with the
capability to improve the flying qualities. The knowledge on helicopter dynamics and flight
control gained by the lecture will serve as a basis for further studies on helicopter technology.
class lecture
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- A. R. S. Bramwell: Helicopter Dynamics
- R. W. Prouty: Helicopter Aerodynamics
- W. Bittner: Flugmechanik der Hubschrauber
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