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Cosmic Rays and Neutrino Astronomy 1 
Lecture w/ Exercise
2 Lecture/2 Exercise
Winter semester 2015/16
Chair of Experimental Physics with Cosmic Particles (Prof. Resconi)
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The course is divided over the two semesters. In the first semester we discuss what are the cosmic rays, the observations of cosmic rays, the hadronic interaction of cosmic rays in the atmosphere, the cascade equations, the production of secondary particles, the measurement of atmospheric muons and atmospheric neutrinos and the use of atmospheric neutrinos for the study of neutrino properties including searches for sterile neutrinos. Experts in the field are invited for one or two special lectures.

The second semester will focus on the astrophysics side of cosmic rays.
learn the background information needed for high energy astroparticle physics including high energy neutrino experiments, cosmic ray experiments and gamma-ray experiments
lecture with exercises
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