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Protein Prediction I Beginners (IN2322) 
Lecture w/ Exercise
4 Lecture/2 Exercise
Summer semester 2016
Informatics 12 - Chair of Bioinformatics (Prof. Rost)
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Allocations: 1 
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Intro: what is protein function? Predicting protein function using sequence:
sequence alignments, multiple sequence alignments, motifs, domain assignment,
annotation transfer by homology, ab initio predictions. Predicting protein
function using structure: structural alignments, structural motifs, annotation
transfer via structure similarity. From structure prediction to function
prediction: comparative modeling; prediction of: secondary structure,
hydrophilicity profiles, solvent accessibility, transmembrane segments,
disordered regions, contact maps, functional residues; template free modeling.
Machine learning.
see Module description IN2221
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The lecture will most likely take place from 10:00 - 11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday!!!!!
Exam review: Oct 5th 10-11and Oct 6th 13-15
For the latest news about dates and rooms please visit https://www.rostlab.org/teaching/ss16/pp1cs#overlay-context=teaching/ss16/pp1cs