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Fusion Research 
Lecture w/ Exercise
2 Lecture/2 Exercise
Summer semester 2016
Physics Department
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
- Problems of sustainable energy supply
- Fusion reactions, plasma parameters needed for nuclear fusion
- Inertial fusion
- Magnetic confinement of plasmas
- Toroidal Confinement concepts (Tokamak, Stellarator)
- Plasma heating
- (Neo)-classical effects on transport in plasmas
- Turbulence determines transport in fusion plasmas
- Plasma diagnostic
- Visit to our fusion experiment ASDEX Upgrade (IPP)
- Present problems of fusion research
attendence of the lecture "Introduction to Plasma Physics" is beneficial
competence in energy problems and nuclear fusion as a potential energy source
  • German
  • English
lecture with exercises
problems to be solved for seminars
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