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Elementary Processes in Molecular Systems 
Summer semester 2016
Physics Department
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Fermi's Golden Rule
Electron-Phonon coupling (displaced oscillator model)

Intramolecular transitions:
radiative (absorption, fluorescence)
radiationless (internal conversion, intersystem crossing)

Decay into a quasicontinuum
application of Green's functions and saddle point method, energy gap law, large and small molecule limits, Marcus' formula

Coherent excitations
( dimers, linear and circular polymers)

Incoherent energy transfer
(Förster-transfer, disorder)

Polarons und solitons
( self trapping)

Electron transfer
(Marcus' Theory, charge transfer in DNA, superexchange)

Proton transfer
Elementary quantum mechanics
Understanding elementary processes in molecular systems on the basis of quantum mechanics. Application of elementary models for coherent and incoherent energy transfer, electron and proton transfer. Acquiring knowledge of the necessary mathematical methods
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class lecture
lecture and integrated exercises
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