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Designing successful workshops 
Summer semester 2016
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In this workshop you will examine how to plan, organize and run successful workshops, which methods, techniques and concepts can help you to create optimum workshops, and what aspects should be given particular consideration when running a workshop. You will learn how to create enabling workshops in which you can guide other people to find solutions for various different problems and to achieve a positive result.
NEW: This workshop has been designed for flipped learning, i.e. an online unit on Moodle (c. 1 hour) will help you to prepare for the attendance workshop (c. 2 hours) in which you will consolidate what you have learned. Following the attendance session, you will be required to carry out a further task (c. 1 hour) in order to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained.
You should be able to demonstrate an interest in this soft skills topic and a readiness to examine how it relates to you personally.
The ability to plan, organize and run a successful workshop on the most diverse range of subjects.

Individual and group exercises, lectures, role play and online learning.
Für die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme müssen Sie sich in TUMonline als Studierende/r identifizieren.
Note: This workshop is intended for Master students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering who began their degree courses in or after WS 2013/14. Registration is only possible via TUMonline. A minimum number of eight participants is required in order for the workshop to take place. If this number is not reached, the workshop will be canceled one week before the planned date of commencement. Should this be the case, participants may take part in the workshop at a future date.
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