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Biomedical Materials and Technologies 
practical training
Winter semester 2016/17
Associate Professorship of Biomechanik (Prof. Lieleg)
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The students autonomously perform a literature search on a given topic and then prepare a 30 minute presentation in English using Power Point. They also prepare a written 1-page summary on her presentation topic.
Grading will take into account how well the topic has been researched by the student as well as the quality of the Power Point slides and the presentation given. In addition, the content of all presentations will be the basis for a short written exam at the end of the seminar which will also contribute to the final grade.
Master mechanical engineering, master medical engineering
After successful participation in the module Biomedical Materials and Technologies the students are able to prepare a presentation on a topic from the field Materials Science / Biomedical Engineering and to deliver this presentation in English. They will also be able to perform a literature search and apply modern presentation methods

student presentation followed by a discussion round. Use of presentation programs (Power Point or similar)
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Note: The seminar starts on October 17, 2016 with preliminary talk and continous every Monday from 1 - 2:30 p.m. in IMETUM seminar room 1.211
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