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Master Practical Course - Cloud Compupting (IN2106, IN4207) 
practical training
Winter semester 2016/17
Informatics 10 - Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems (Prof. Schulz)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
The project that students will be initially engaged in the lab course is the development of a deployment engine for clouds - "Scalable and Dynamic Auto Configuration Engine for Cloud Environments".

The implementation of the project could be divided into 3 major tasks:

TASK 1: Identifying configuration parameters and software components, such as, spark, nosql database systems, and so forth. This task would also deal with the procedures for orchestrating pieces of software components on cloud environments such as Amazon, or GAE.

TASK 2: In the scope of this task, students use containers technology to deploy their applications in the Cloud. In order to deploy the application in the Cloud, the lambda architecture framework should be used.

TASK 3: Load balancers and scalability - In the scope of this task, students must try possibilities to scale their applications (applications must be updated accordingly to support the scalability, e.g. increasing the number of requests processed at the same time or increasing the number of records in data bases). Students must also try one of the existing load balancers and write simple load balancer themselves.
The worked-on project will provide the project members with a practical knowledge on the following domains:
- VM creations
- Method for creating auto-configuration setups
- Working with Cloud environments - using Amazon
- Load balancing / scalable / scheduling algorithm developments for clouds
- Working knowledge on Lambda architecture and a few tools.
- Semantic and machine learning service developments, and so forth.
Für die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme müssen Sie sich in TUMonline als Studierende/r identifizieren.
Note: Please contact Prof. Benedict via e-mail (shajulin@sxcce.edu.in) if you want to participate. The regular registration process via TUMonline is not applicable.
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additional information
In the winter semester 16/17, this practical course will be conducted by guest professor Shajulin Benedict.