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Multifunctional Polymer-based Composites 
Winter semester 2016/17
Chair of Carbon Composites (Prof. Drechsler)
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Novel and lesser-known aspects of polymer-based composites are at the center of this lecture. The ability to create truly multifunctional structures through the addition of micro- and nano-constituents will be discussed.
This course introduces students to some of the fundamentals underlying the characteristics of multifunctional composite materials. Material length scales ranging from nano to macro are herein covered, as are various filler constituents and physical effects. The presented subject matter will elucidate principal material morphologies, their effects on material characteristics, and strategies for material modeling and the design of structures. The subject matter is treated from an engineering perspective rather than a physics or chemistry viewpoint.

- Introduction to multifunctional composites (MFC): definitions, filler materials, applications
- Overview of MFC manufacturing processes and micro- and nano-scale characterization
- Mechanical properties and synergistic effects of MFC with hard and soft inclusions
- Modeling strategies for mechanical properties (continuum, atomistic and multiscale techniques)
- Fundamentals, testing, modeling and applications:
o MFC with electrically conductive fillers
o MFC for enhanced thermal conductivity
o MFC with magnetic properties
o MFC with diffusion barrier properties
- Successful application of MFC, design methods, and future directions
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