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Praktikum - Image Reconstruction and Visualization using C++ (IN0012, IN2106, IN4186) 
practical training
Summer semester 2017
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Informatics 16 - Chair of Computer Aided Medical Procedures (Prof. Navab)
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In this lab course on "Image Processing and Visualization using C++" the focus is on learning and applying the programming language C++, its tools and libraries, to the real world problem of implementing a fully flexible, robotic imaging setup for X-ray computed tomography along with 3D visualization of the imaging results. For practicality, this imaging setup will be run in a simulation environment, which is similar to our real world lab setups.

This course will be held in two parts. The first part will be spent on learning the programming language C++, its tools and libraries, along with numerous practical exercises and homework each week. The second part will be spent on the robotic imaging project. Here you will apply the tools from the first part towards a full implementation of the simulated robotic imaging setup and the 3D visualization of the results. In a final session, each project team will give a live demo of their project implementation, where it will be applied to a surprise object supplied by the tutors.
This lab course is open to all students of Informatics, Mathematics and Physics.

* some programming experience in any programming language
* ability and motivation to work on your own and in a team
Part 1: homeworks, Part 2: project work in teams of two.
Für die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme müssen Sie sich in TUMonline als Studierende*r identifizieren.
Note: A preliminary meeting is taking place on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, at 17:00 in room MI 03.13.010.

Registration via the matching system http://docmatching.in.tum.de. Alternatively, send email to Tobias Lasser (lasser@in.tum.de).
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