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Robot Oriented Design (ROD) 
Winter semester 2017/18
Chair of Building Realization and Robotics (Prof. Bock)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Automation and robot oriented design (Processes, Manufacturing):
- History of development and standardization of automation systems;
- Robotics und automation systems in construction: State of the art and future trends;
- Automation and robot oriented design of building systems and subsystems, compliant design;
- Design for assembly, design for logistics;
- Life cycle management;
- Technology oriented design appropriate for dynamic integration of technologies into built environment.
No specific previous knowledge required.
After participating in the course, the students are able to understand the complementary interrelation between design, assembly methods, and life cycle product dynamics. Furthermore, the students understand the significance of an anticipating design approach, looking ahead to upcoming technologies.

Case studies are discussed and worked upon together with the students in order to discover correlations as well as possibilities. Generally, the issues are discussed in a problem-oriented manner. Small site visits to selected companies near Munich accompany the course.

Within the seminar sessions, students discuss critically, supervised by the instructors. Site visits can be understood as an interactive combination of lectures and discussion. A script is issued in parallel, accompanying the module and providing a guideline for the modules contents.
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