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Thermodynamics in Energy Conversion 
Winter semester 2017/18
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Chair of Energy Systems (Prof. Spliethoff)
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This course covers the fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics, with a focus on energy systems. It introduces the basic concepts of thermodynamics and then expands to the application of thermodynamic principles to energy systems and their components. These include gas turbines, steam turbines, steam generators, fuel cells, combustion systems, heat exchangers and refrigeration systems. The concept of exergy, the maximum theoretical net work that can be derived from an amount of energy or an energy flow, is also introduced and applied to the aforementioned systems. Overall, the course should provide the fundamental knowledge for further lectures such as "Thermal Power Plants" and provide an overview of how thermodynamic principles can be applied for the analysis and design of energy systems.
Expected knowledge: Fundamentals in mathematics, physics and chemistry. An engineering background is advantageous.
Goals: Understanding thermodynamics laws and principles and their application. Understanding the thermodynamic function of state of the art energy systems and their components. Understanding the concept of exergy and its application to energy systems. The ability to perform thermodynamic calculations of energy systems.
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