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Intensive Course German as a Foreign Language A2.1 
Winter semester 2017/18
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German as a Foreign Language
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
In this course, students acquire basic knowledge of the German language, including intercultural and regional aspects, that will enable them to express themselves in everyday situations, such as traveling, at the doctor’s office, searching for an apartment, in a department store, among colleagues, friends or neighbors.

Students learn and practice basic vocabulary and expressions on topics such as education, profession, health and traveling. Students learn and practice using simply structured main and subordinate clauses (that, because, and, than, etc.), employing the preterit (modal verbs) and perfect, as well as the comparative, the superlative and the declination of the adjective. They reinforce and expand the usage of the prepositions in the accusative and dative case.
Students learn strategies for successful verbal and written communication despite minimal language skills. Opportunities will be made available for effective, self-motivated, independent learning. Students acquire teamwork skills through collaborative work in multinational mixed groups.
Sound knowledge of level A1.2; placement test level A2.1
The course is based on level A2 of GER.
Upon completion of this course, students are able to understand and use simple sentences and expressions in conversations on a broad spectrum of familiar topics. These conversations are based on basic information concerning everyday life and subjects relevant to studying or working, including sociocultural aspects of German-speaking countries.
For example, students are able to describe themselves and other people, their living situation, state of health, leisure time activities and job situation.
Students are able to understand longer texts and letters about familiar topics that include foreseeable information and are written in simple language about everyday life or job related topics. Students are able to compose short, informative texts or notifications about basic situations in everyday life or situations related to studying.

The courseconsists of a seminar covering material appropriate to desired learning outcomes and encompassing relevant listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises. These exercises may take the form of individual, partner or group work, implementing a communicative and activity-oriented approach. Students have the opportunity to deepen basic knowledge conveyed in the seminar through independent study and work, using specified (online) materials covering fundamental grammar and communication patterns of the foreign language.
Voluntary homework (preparation and follow-up work) reinforces classroom and structured learning.
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Netzwerk A2.1 (Dengler, Stefanie et al.: Netzwerk A2.1, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch, Klett Sprachen 2013)
Recommended exercise material (optional):
Netzwerk Intensivtrainer A2 (Rusch, Paul: Netzwerk A2, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Intensivtrainer, Klett Sprachen 2013);
Dengler, Stefanie; Sieber, Tanja: Netzwerk Grammatik A1-B1: Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Klett Sprachen 2017
Recommended grammar books (optional):
Jin, Friederike; Voß, Ute: Grammatik aktiv A1-B1. Üben, Hören, Sprechen Übungsgrammatik mit Audio-CD, Cornelsen, 2013
Reimann, Monika: Grundstufen-Grammatik für Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Erklärungen und Übungen, Grammatik mit integriertem Lösungsschlüssel und CD-ROM, Hueber Verlag 2010
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For details on exam regulations, refer to the Module Handbook