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Fundamentals of Surface and Nanoscale Science 
Winter semester 2017/18
Chair of Experimental Physics (E20) - (Prof. Barth)
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1. Introduction/Overview
2. Surface Structure Analysis
2.1. 2D Crystallography & Reciprocal Space
2.2. Real Space (STM, Microscopy)
3. Electron Spectroscopy
3.1. for Surface Chemistry Analysis
3.2. for Electronic Structure
4. Ion Scattering
5. Elementary Processes at Surfaces
5.1. Vibrational Properties & Excitations
5.2. Adsorption/Desorption: Binding and Release from Atoms & Molecules at Surfaces
5.3. Surface Diffusion & Mass Transport: Mobility on a 2D Crystal Lattice
5.4. Surface Chemical Reactions & Heterogeneous Catalysis
5.5. Magnetism at Interfaces/Spintronics/Nanomagnetism/Molecular Magnets
5.6. Interaction with Light/Plasmonics
6. Biological Molecules & Self-Assembly at Surfaces
7. Nanostructures/Thin Film Epitaxy/Self-Organized Growth
8. Atomic/Molecular Manipulation and Quantum Confinement
9. Electron Transport in Nanosized Objects
10. Molecular Electronics
The ongoing miniaturization of functional parts in technical applications comes along with dramatic changes not only in the quantum nature of the observed phenomena but also with an increase of the surface to bulk atom fraction. Understanding the physics at interfaces has become increasingly important in recent years. The lecture “Foundations of Surface and Nanoscale Science” covers these topics and gives an introduction in the fundamental physics of interfaces. The lecture is accompanied by an excursion to the IPP and the laboratories of the chair E20.
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