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Sommersemester 2018
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Professur für Simulation von Nanosystemen für Energiewandlungen (Prof. Gagliardi)
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Low dimensional structures: quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots. Electronic, optical, transport properties of nanostructures. Quantum semiconductor devices. Fabrication and characterization techniques of nanotechnology. Applications of nanostructures, nanodevices and nanosystems. The bottom-up approach to nanotechnology: introduction to molecular electronics and optoelectronics. Organic materials for electronics: self-assembled monolayers; conducting polymers; carbon nanotubes. Circuit implementations and architectures for nanostructures. Introduction to quantum computing. Through the Projektpraktikum, it will be possible to work on a special nano-project, selected from a list of computational topics. The gained knowledge will be tested by making presentations using slides, in groups, about the results of the Projektpraktikum.
Basic Physical concepts, materials, electronic devices

For Bachelor EI students the following modules should be passed before taking the course:
- Physik für Elektroingenieure
- Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik
- Elektronische Bauelemente
The students acquire detailed knowledge and understanding of nanoelectronic devices and systems, in particular on the effect of miniaturization and the emerging of quantum effects on device performance.The student will be able to analyse current developments in the field of nanoelectronics and more in general of nanotechnology. On the basis of this knowledge and thank to the projektpraktikum, the students will directly apply well established numerical tools to compute nanostructured device performances.

Learning method: In addition to the individual methods of the students consolidated knowledge is aspired by repeated lessons in exercises and tutorials.
Projektpraktikum: The projektpraktikum consists in working on real simulation problems about nano devices in working groups. The results will be presented in a short talk as part of the examination.
Teaching method: During the lectures students are instructed in a teacher-centered style. The exercises are held in a student-centered way.
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The following literature is recommended:Nanoelectronics and Information Technology. Advanced Electronic Materials and Novel Devices, R. Waser (Ed.), 3rd Ed., Wiley-VCH (2012)
- K. Goser and P. Lugli, "Nanoelectronics and nanosystems" Springer Verlag
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