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Image Processing in Physics 
Summer semester 2018
Assistant Professorship of Physics in Biomedical Imaging (Prof. Herzen)
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This course will cover a wide range of advanced techniques used for image processing and image reconstruction, with a special focus on physical science applications. Following a problem-solving philosophy, the course will motivate all techniques and fundamental concepts with problems drawn from real-life applications.

Each class will address a specific technique, yet all will be linked by recurrent essential topics including Fourier analysis, linear algebra, iterative techniques, maximum likelihood and convex optimization. In addition to the two-hour classes, a weekly one-hour exercise session will take place to answer questions and present homework solutions. Exercises will take the form of simple programming tasks.
Previous experience with any programming language is not mandatory but preferable. The language used in class will be python.
Knowledge of standard mathematical tools such as Fourier Analysis, Elementary Statistics and probabilities and Linear Algebra.
After participation to the Module, the student:

Will know the fundamentals of numerical analysis.
Will know the basics of the standard imaging analysis methods in research and the industry.
Will have an overview of the state of the art in many fields of imaging physics.
Will have developed skills to identify the technique appropriate to a given problem.
Will have had the chance to apply the learned techniques in hands-on programming exercises.
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