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Quantum Information Methods in Many-Body Physics 
Summer semester 2018
Physics Department
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Quantum many-body systems exhibit a rich variety of interesting physical phenomena, such as systems with exotic "topological" order which cannot be captured by Landau's theory of phases, and in which the system organizes globally in its quantum correlations rather than locally. The heart of such phenomena is formed by quantum correlations, this is, entanglement, which is at the heart of quantum information theory. This has given rise to a new research area at the intersection of quantum information theory and quantum many-body physics, where methods from quantum information are applied to the structure of these systems. This lecture will give a comprehensive introduction to this new research field. A special focus will be formed by the field of Tensor Network States, which provide an entanglement based description of quantum many-body states.

Topics covered include:
* Quantum many body systems
* Entanglement and the area law
* Matrix Product States (MPS)
* Variational simulations based on MPS, the DMRG method
* Simulation of thermal states and time evolution
* Projected Entangled Pair States (PEPS)
* topological order
* fermionic systems
Quantum mechanics, in particular also many-body quantum mechanics and second quantisation. Knowledge in quantum information and/or condensed matter physics is helpful, but not required.
After the lecture, the attendants will have a comprehensive understanding of the role of entanglement in quantum many-body systems, and the theory and application of the formalism of tensor network states in the modelling and simulation of quantum many-body systems.
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