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Baumanagement: Robot Oriented Design (Design of Robots in Architectural Context) 
Winter semester 2018/19
Chair of Building Realization and Robotics (Prof. Bock)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Automation and Robotic Oriented Building Realization:

- Design of products, Manufacturing, Installation considering robotics and automation.
- Historical development, standardization and automation systems.
- Current and future automation and robotic systems in construction.
- Robotic oriented building realization and construction systems.
- Technology oriented planning appropriate for dynamic integration of technologies into built environment.
Interests on developing new technologies in the field of construction and architecture.
After participating in the course, the students are able to understand the complementary interrelation between design, assembly methods, and life cycle product dynamics. Furthermore, the students understand the significance of an anticipating design approach, looking ahead to upcoming technologies.
lecture with exercises
The course will be divided in two parts. First, there will be lectures where the main topics related to Automation and Robotic Oriented Building Realization will be explained. Second, the students must fulfil a task related to Design of products and Robotic Installation processes.

The task accomplished by the student, will be presented on the examination day and evaluated by the lecturers.
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-ISARC online Proceedings
-Bock, T., & Linner, T. (2015-2016). Handbooks on Construction Robotics Series. Cambridge University Press.