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Seminar Soft Skills for Engineers in Development and Production 
Winter semester 2018/19
Chair of Industrial Management and Assembly Technologies (Prof. Zäh komm.)
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According to different studies of important industry associations (VDMA, VDA) over 50% of mechatronic projects do not reach the given targets of quality, cost and time. Apparently, these problems are caused by the technical systems. But in fact the main part of these problems results from an insufficient communication of the developers. Therefore, an interdisciplinary und continuous coordination during development and production is necessary to meet the rising challenges in the production technology. To improve the situation, developers have to enhance their communication skills and compromise skills. Consequently, engineers must learn to listen to one another, to articulate complex issues clearly and to describe and present the results of their work. In addition to these skills the ability to work in teams and to manage conflicts has to be strengthened. The main goal of this seminar is to improve social competence of developers by practice in industrial case studies.

In this seminar 2 Soft Skills Credits can be earned by an active cooperation in small groups and the continuous presentation of developed results.
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