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Medical Imaging Technology 
Winter semester 2018/19
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Chair of Nuclear Medicine (Prof. Weber)
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1. Basic concepts and basics of medical physics: Overview, physics of interaction between matter and energy, electromagnetic fields, ultrasound 2. Modern methods in diagnostic imaging 3. Image acquisition process (different types of detectors in radiology and nuclear medicine, imaging technique in MRI and Ultrasound) 4. Imaging & reconstruction (MRI , μCT , CT , PET) 5. Clinical application of the different medical imaging systems (MR, CT, PET, X-ray, Ultrasound)
Basics Lectures in Physics and Mathematics
Students will learn the current methods and applications in medical imaging. They will understand image acquisition concepts and the underlying technical and physical principles and if applicable image reconstruction. Furthermore, the medical use case of each modality will be determined.
class lecture
The module is based on a classic lecture with manuscript and student notes. To deepen the learned material hands-on demonstrations on the different modalities are part of the lecture. Initially the students can observe the use-case of the different imaging systems during the clinical routine. Additionally, experiments are conducted to deepen the understanding of the different systems and their functionali
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Accompanying lecture notes. Currently scientific literature.
Online information
e-learning course (moodle)
Credits --> 5