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Theoretical solid state physics 
Winter semester 2018/19
Chair of Theoretical Physics V (T34) - (N.N.)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
I) Symmetries and structure of condensed matter

Phases and broken symmetries
Determination of structure by x-ray diffraction

II) Lattice vibrations

Phonons and thermodynamics
Neutron scattering, dynamic structure factor
Anharmonic effects, melting, Lindemann criterion

III) Electrons

Bonding types, stability
Bloch theorem, Wannier functions, band theory
Fermi surfaces, Thermodynamics
Semiclassical dynamics of electrons, Bloch oscillations
Edge state theory of the quantum Hall effect

IV) Many particle effects and disorder

Interacting electron gas, screening, Wigner lattice
Density Functional Theory
Electron-Phonon interaction, BCS-theory of superconductivity
Anderson localization in disordered quantum systems
Successful participation provides the following skills:

Mathematical formulation of relevant structures of matter and their atomic composition. Calculation of the structural and dynamic properties of matter in terms of simple models

Explain the physics of structural phase transitions at surfaces and for defect structures

Understand modern methods for calculating the electronic structure of solids. Ability to perform simple density functional calculations

Approximations and methods for solving many particle problems in condensed matter physics

Understand and explain the nature of correlated low-dimensional systems in the framework of Fermi- or Luttinger liquid theory

Explain and theoretically describe electronic phase transitions such as superconductivity
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N.W. Ashcroft and N.D. Mermin, Solid State Physics
P.M. Chaikin and T.C. Lubensky, Principles of Condensed Matter Physics
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