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English Conversation Partners Program B1 
Winter semester 2018/19
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
An informal class in which lower- to intermediate-level (approximately B1 of the GER) English speakers are placed in small groups with upper-level (approximately C2 of the GER) speakers to practice English conversation in a fun and friendly environment. The class will meet periodically throughout the semester for larger group activities, but the majority of speaking practice will be done within the small groups, on students' own schedules.

This course is given pass/fail and is worth 2 ECTS points. To pass the course, students are required to attend class meetings, to participate actively in their tandem group activities, and to complete a final assignment at the end of the semester (to be specified by the lecturer).
English speaking skills at approximately the B1 level of the GER.
By the end of the semester, B1-level students will have received many hours worth of practice speaking with high-level English speakers, and will have increased confidence in their ability to hold English conversations on a variety of topics.

Regular class meetings (approx. bimonthly) plus weekly meetings in small tandem groups.
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