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Concepts for Future Hadron Collider Experiments 1 
Winter semester 2018/19
Physics Department
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Past and running particle-physics experiments confirmed the predictions of the standard model of the strong and electroweak interactions with impression precision. Yet, there is experimental evidence that the standard model is incomplete: the discovery of non-vanishing neutrino masses by the observation of neutrino oscillations, the evidence of non-baryonic dark matter and dark energy in the universe and the baryon number and CP violation as required for baryogenesis.

New experiment at particle accelerators are needed to explore the exact nature of the physics beyond the standard model. Plans and concepts for future hadron colliders and the related experiments are presented in the lecture with a focus on the technologies challenges and envisaged solutions. Modern methods of statistical data analysis, event reconstruction and concepts for read-out and trigger electronics are the topic in the second semester.
Lectures on electrodynamics and particle physics.
Open questions of particle physics.
Principles of particle detection.
Concepts for particle detectors.
Basic concepts of statistical data analysis.
Method for the reconstruction of pp collision events.
Basic of electronics of particle detectors.
Trigger concepts for experiments at future hadron colliders.
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Note: Open to all master students.
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