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Successful communication in difficult situations (SOK_KOM) 
Winter semester 2018/19
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Communication shapes and strengthens our interpersonal relationships and forms the social framework in which we operate on a daily basis. Communication has a fundamental influence on our lives, both positive and negative. It often happens that it is the source of disturbance for unpleasant situations and conflicts. This social competence workshop deals with the mutual interaction of communication between different actors. In terms of content, we first examine the basics of communication, and then deal in depth with methods of prevention and action regarding difficult situations. Here we work out, for example, which communication strategies can be used adequately in a conflict discussion. Additionally, methods are shown how to avoid emerging conflicts and how de-escalation can be created. This workshop raises awareness for the handling of daily communication and aims to develop to develop own strategies for action to be able to act competently and confidently in difficult situations in the future.
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