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Special Aspects of Building Technology Management 
Summer semester 2019
Chair of Building Realization and Robotics (Prof. Bock)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
In this module "Special Aspects of Building Technology Management" fundamentals are imparted and explored in a seminar work on the basis of current research subjects and application case studies. The subjects are based on the following topics:

- building automation - implementation and use of robots in various construction processes (e.g. consideration of robot-oriented design in the design phase, automated prefabrication phase, logistic phase, and / or installation phase, - topics can be offered individually or as a combination of different phases),
- service robotics and assistance systems, e.g. which are integrated in the living environment and allow a user-friendly building operation and actively support older people for a self-determined life in their home,
- a combination of architectural robotics and assistance systems considering the architectural, technological and socio-technical aspects.

The topic will be specified by the lecturer at the beginning of the module and is based on current research projects and practical applications.
Interest in automation and technology oriented architectural and scientific topics and/or interest in socio-technical aspects.

No previous knowledge required
After successfully participating in the module, students are able to:

- identify in which areas the usage of robots for automation in the construction industry is worthwhile,
- understand and recognize building processes that can be improved by robotics and made more efficient,
- develop a basic understanding of the multidisciplinary and cross-trader value chain that is necessary for building processes and / or for the implementation of high-tech assistance systems in the living environment,
- carry out a transfer between the learned knowledge and the application in the context of an independent seminar work,
- develop a problem-oriented concept independently.

The module is designed as a seminar. Within the seminar work, a lecturer / supervisor will provide the fundamentals and all required information to the students.

At the beginning of the module, the lecturer presents the subject of the seminar work and provides an agenda for the seminar. The subject can be executed individually or in groups, depending on the scope. The progress of the students in the processing of the seminar work will be presented on a regularly basis in intermediate presentations and the procedure will be discussed.
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A literature list corresponding to the current module topic will be made available to the students at the beginning of the semester.