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Scientific Computing in Circuit Simulation (IN2306) 
Vorlesung mit integrierten Übungen
Sommersemester 2019
Informatik 5 - Lehrstuhl für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen (Prof. Bungartz)
Zuordnungen: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
The lecture includes the following scientific computing topics:

industrial design of electronic circuits
modeling of electrical networks and network elements
differential-algebraic equations (DAEs): theory, numerical integration
sparse matrix techniques
algorithms for parallel and distributed computing
further challenges (e.g., latency and bypass strategies, noise)
IN0019 Numerical Programming (or similar)
IN0002 Fundamentals of Programming (Exercises & Laboratory) (or similar)
Students should have basic knowledge in differential calculus and linear algebra
At the end of the module, participants know the basic modeling and algorithms needed for circuit simulation. They are able to understand the necessary interaction between engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists in industrial problem modeling. They understand the role and importance of mathematical problem analysis and its theoretical treatment, which are transformed into an engineer's solution. The participants are able to analyze the impact of different mathematical approaches for industrial problems. They can understand, apply, and interprete the basic methods how to implement the algorithms in an efficient way allowing a fast simulation of electronic circuits.

This module comprises lectures and accompanying tutorials. Students will be encouraged to study literature and get involved with the topics in depth. In the tutorials, concrete problems will be analyzed and implemented in software --- partially in teamwork --- and selected examples will be discussed.
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The course material will be provided on moodle.
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