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Swedish B2/C1 - Community, research and intercultural communication 
Winter semester 2019/20
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In this module, students will deepen and expand their knowledge of Swedish as a foreign language, enabling them to actively and almost fluently communicate with a native speaker about current social issues in Sweden, as well as about familiar fields of study, and to articulate a clear position in discussions concerning intercultural competence.

Students review and deepen their knowledge of deponent verbs (verbs ending in -s), passive with 's' and passive with perfect participles, adverbs and conjuncitons.

Students learn the following new grammar elements: phrasal verbs, syntax/ word order in complex main and subordinate clauses with multiple compliments.
Passing grade on final exam at level B1
The module refers to level B2/C1 Independent Language Use of the CEFR. Students acquire knowledge of Swedish as a foreign language at the standard language level with a focus on intercultural, socio-cultural and discipline-specific aspects. Students at level B2 can effortlessly and independently understand and summarize the main points of authentic articles, reports and texts from their own fields and areas of interest. Students can understand longer discussions and lectures on contemporary topics and within their field of study, provided that speakers clearly enunciate. After completing the module, students at level C1 are, further, able to study and work in Swedish as a foreign language and produce texts within the context of their disciplines, using more complex sentence structures as well as specialized vocabulary. They can verbally interact clearly and coherently on many subjects in their fields or areas of interest in logically-structured fashion.

Course objectives will be achieved in an activity-oriented, communicative atmosphere through listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises in individual, partner and group work. Guided review of selected grammar skills using prepared materials; oral reports and presentations fulfilling prescribed criteria; moderated (roleplay) discussions concerning the topic of intercultural competence.
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