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Ballistic Missiles of the 3rd World 
Winter semester 2019/20
Chair of Astronautics (Prof. Walter)
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The lecture investigates the conflict between technology and its use for weaponry. Furthermore an overview of rocket science especially with respect to ballistic missiles in so called "problem countries" is provided. The following topics are covered in detail: An overview of the relevance of weapons and their political dimension plus proliferation, technical aspects, history, analysis and reconstruction of the performance of such systems, aspects of project realization, existing systems and weapons of mass destruction and their classification, systems for missile defense.
none (for a better understanding the lecture "Grundlagen der Raumfahrt" might be helpful, but not required)
Goal of the lecture is a better understanding of the general problem of ballistic missiles, both technical and political/strategic relevance. After participating in this lecture the student should be able to analyze the relevance of those weapons in the context of potential threats and the risk of a military conflict. The students are able to evaluate the systems with respect to their technical performance and status even with insufficient information. Furthermore they are able to provide useful contributions to debates about threats posed by countries in possession of ballistic missiles.
Lecture, presentation, movie clips, black board and models. Every lecture begins with a discussion of a current, relevant topic. Examples from industry are used for getting insights into the topic. Comprehensive lecture notes are available.
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none (if someone is interested, don't hesitate to ask the professor for some information)
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