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French Language Intermediate B1.2 
Winter semester 2019/20
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
In this module, knowledge of French as a foreign language will be further developed, enabling students to express themselves in French independently and confidently in familiar situations, e.g. in the classroom, at work, in free time and with the family, on topics of general interest, e.g. films, music, sports, etc, when standard French is spoken. Students expand their cultural knowledge of a great variety of current topics in French life. They increase their vocabulary as well as consolidate and deepen the French grammar focused on thus far.
Sound knowledge of B1.1; placement test result B1.2
The module is aimed at level B1 of the CEFR. Students acquire knowledge of French as a foreign language at the standard language level with a focus on intercultural, cultural and academic aspects. Following completion of this module, students can confidently communicate in most situations they are likely to encounter in school, at work, during free-time or while travelling in French-speaking countries. They can understand and describe the essential content of simple specialist texts, radio or television programs, and literary texts and spontaneously take part in discussions of familiar topics of general interest. They can write simple, formal and longer personal letters and texts, report in a structured fashion on a general topic of personal interest and take a logical position on a current topic, if support is offered.

The module consists of a seminar in which course objectives will be achieved in an activity-oriented, communicative atmosphere through listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises in individual, partner and group work, promoting collaborative learning. Language skills conveyed in the classroom are reinforced through the use of guided self-learning in the form of prepared (online) materials. Students participate in group discussions on prepared topics using communication patterns learned.
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