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Advanced Computer Networking (IN2097) 
lecture with integrated exercises
Winter semester 2019/20
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Informatics 8 - Chair of Network Architectures and Services (Prof. Carle)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
The lecture presents advanced concepts for building computer networks. Examinations of network protocols and network algorithms are the foundation of this lecture. Basic techniques for the construction of local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) are explained. Mechanisms and protocols for inter-domain and intra-domain routing are discussed and possible attack scenarios are demonstrated. Concepts and mechanisms of modern transport layer protocols are presented. Furthermore, different tunneling protocols for networks are discussed. Measurements of single network nodes and Internet-wide measurements are introduced and explained. Modern techniques (OpenFlow, P4) for software-based packet processing are demonstrated.
Bachelor course in networking
see Module description IN2097
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There will be an exercise and a project during the semester. Both, exercise and project, will be corrected and graded. By successfully participating in exercise and project you can earn up to 15 extra credits on top of the credits you achieve for the written exam. You can earn 75 credits from the written exam; the credits from the exam suffice to get a grade of 1.0. The maximum achievable number of credits for the exercise is 60, and 10 for the project.

Your final grade is calculated as follows:

bonusCredits = minimum(15, creditsExercise/6 + creditsProject)
finalGrade = grade(creditsFinalExam + bonusCredits)

Only passing grades (4.0 or better) can be improved with the bonus credits. The grade bonus is also valid for the retake exam.

In case of academic misconduct (e.g. copying without citing) in exercise or project leads to a disqualification from the bonus system.