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Automation and Robotics in Construction 
Winter semester 2019/20
Chair of Building Realization and Robotics (Prof. Bock)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
In this module the following topics will be taught:

- Prefabrication of linear, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional products and elements;
- Industrialized manufacturing for the production of steel frames and space frames; wood and timber frames and space frames; precast concrete columns, beams, girders, elements and spatial units; masonry wall, floor and roof elements;
- Basics of flexible manufacturing systems;
- Assembly process and quick connect systems for on-site construc¬tion;
- Systematic and prefabricated installation systems;
- Zero-waste factories in Japan;
- Systematic disassembly: reverse logistics, re-customization;
- Logistics, on-site/off-site process control;
- Industrial construction logistics for Land, Sea, & Air;
- Logistics and ICT-based enterprise resource planning;
- Innovative methods for construction logistics (e.g. RFID);
- Overview of construction automation and robotics systems (on-site);
- Automated and robotic construction systems;
- Automated sites, systems and typologies;
- Modular production systems;
- Human-machine cooperation onsite, Exoskeleton-systems; Sustainable sites:
- Automated deconstruction, urban mining, and
No specific previous knowledge required.
After successfully participating in the module, students are able to:

- differentiate between different building system typologies as well as related manufacturing technologies and manufacturing processes,
- determine and analyze the efficiency potential of different strategies,
- understand and adapt the importance of robotics and automation for customer integration and customization in industrial construction,
- independently develop innovative applications for the use of automation / robotics for more sustainable construction processes,
- present their own solutions in front of a critical audience, defend their results and solutions in a Q&A session and write a scientific report.

The module will be held in the form of lectures and seminars. The lectures will discuss fundamentals about robotic construction processes. The seminar will focus on current practice-oriented case studies in which students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in group work and develop their own solution approaches. The group work offers the students the opportunity to actively participate in the development of project-related topics, discuss their idea with their peers. The group work requires regular attendance to discuss the intermediate results with the supervising lecturer. The results will be both presented in a final presentation and written in a scientific report at the end of the semester.
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A literature list will be made available to the students at the beginning of the module.