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Renewable Energy Technology II 
Summer semester 2020
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Chair of Energy Systems (Prof. Spliethoff)
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The objective of this lecture is provide an overview on the current state and application of renewable energy technology. The lecture not only focuses on technologies but also on environmental, social and economical factors that lead to the intensivied world wide harvesting of CO2-neutral energy sources as well as their potentials and limitations.

The course RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (taught in English) is split into two modules 3 ECTS each (one per semester), beginning with “RET I” in the Winter Semester. The attached module “RET II” will be offered in the Summer Semester.
The course is supported by various institutions of the TUM: The Institute for Energy Systems, The Institute for Fluid Mechanics, The Institute for Energy Economics and Application Technology, The Institute for Wind Energy as well as the “Laboratory of Steam Boilers and Thermal Plants” from the National Technical University of Athens.
The module “RET II” covers the following topics:
• Hydropower (hydrodynamics of water power, pumped storage power plants, examples of power plants and turbines, ocean current turbines)
• Solar Thermal Energy (basics, collectors and concentrators, thermodynamic cycles, heat transfer fluids)
• Photovoltaics (solar radiation, introduction to solar cells, technology of solar cells, application of solar cells)

• Tuesday 08:30 / 8:30 am MW 0350
• 2 hours (90 min) lecture per week; no exercise course/ tutorial
• Please register in TUMonline (campus.tum.de) for this course
• Lecture Renewable Energy Technology consists of two semesters:
Renewable Energy Technology I: winter term
Renewable Energy Technology II: summer term
• 3 ECTS per semester
• One written exam after each term (60 min)
• Re-examination in the following term on the topics of both terms
• Students who take the Module "Renewable Energy I+II" have to take both exams and will get a final grade (6 ECTS).
Basic thermodynamics and fluiddynamics. Renewable Energy Technology I is recomennded but not necessary.
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For the time being, we ask you to refrain from visiting the university and our chair.
If you have any queries, please contact the corresponding assistants of the lecture by e-mail. Most concerns can be clarified without face-to-face contact.
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