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Physical Chemistry Basics of DNA and Genetic Information 
Summer semester 2020
Chair of Biophysics (E22) - (Prof. Rief)
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Chemical basis of inheritance: DNA, RNA; DNA topology and biological relevance; current issues in DNA replication and repair; genes, transcription, translation, and regulation of gene expression; integration of genetic mechanisms in the cell; kinetics of molecular machines associated with nucleic acids
Basal knowledge of molecular genetics.
After the attendance of this course, participants realize the relevance of the physical-chemical basis of information storage, transmission, and maintainence of genetic information. The course introduces the attendants to current research topics.
Specific goals: in-depth understaning of the molecular structure of nucleic acids, possible alternative chemical structures; effects of twist and torsion on DNA and RNS double-helices; 'unconventional' RNA species; DNA damage, repair and recombination; error correction in transcription and translation;
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interactive lecture
Due to the Covid-9 pandemics, we cannot predict whether teaching will be possible in the usual form, i.e. lecture and primary literature. We will use webinars where possible, but also consider longer sessions on Saturday or during the evening later this semester.
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All literature will be provided during the course.
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