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Adhesive Bonding in Theory and Practice 
practical training
Summer semester 2020
Chair of Carbon Composites (Prof. Drechsler)
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Allocations: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
(1) mechanics of bonded joints
- calculation methods
- parameters (geometry, adhesive, material model)
- viewpoints (continuum approach, damage modelling)

(2) characterization of bonded joints
- adhesion, cohesion
- material behavior & test methods
- influence of adherend and surface properties

(3) bonding process chain
- joint preparation and surface analysis
- metering, mixing & joining
- curing

(4) quality assurance
- special process requirements
- destructive testing
- non-destructive testing

(5) adhesive applications
- automotive
- aerospace
- special applications

During the practical course, you will experience an interesting theory part and an exciting practical part (2 days) at DELO.
- basics of Bachelor engineering courses up to 3rd semester
- knowledge of fiber composites advantageous
After participation in the practical course the students are able to
- characterize the process chain of bonded joints
- analyze the strength of bonded joints
- assess the suitability of bonded joints with respect to a specific application
- manufacture (simple) bonded joints on their own
- conduct and analyze mechanical tests of specimens from bonded joints
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