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Student Seminar Classics in Biophysics 
introductory seminar
Summer semester 2020
Associate Professorship of Theory of Biological Networks (Prof. Alim)
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Looking back over the last century in biophysics, there are certain scientific reports that have withstood the test of time. These reports present groundbreaking discoveries, that introduced new perspectives on the working of life and created new avenues of research. These works offer insights into how the best science is practiced. In this seminar class we will discuss a selection of such research articles. Topics span scales from the workings of proteins, such as a molecular motor, via cell function, looking at nerves, to full organism morphogenesis. This seminar provides the opportunity to go through some biophysics articles which not only contain original, out-of-the-box thinking but are also exemplary for pedagogical and inspiring scientific writing. Importantly, the seminar also serves to provide first insights into a wide range of current research topics in biophysics.
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Topics include but are not limited to the following list of articles:
1. Berg, H.C., and Purcell, E.M. (1977). Physics of chemoreception. Biophys J 20, 193–219.
2. Lotka, A.J. (1920). Analytical Note on Certain Rhythmic Relations in Organic Systems. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 6, 410–415.
3. Purcell, E. (1977). Life at low Reynolds number. Am J Phys 45, 3–11.
4. Turing, A.M. (1953). The chemical basis of morphogenesis. B Math Biol 237, 37–72.
5. Meselson, M., and Stahl, F.W. (1958). The Replication of DNA in Escherichia coli.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 44, 671–682.
6. Scott, M., Gunderson, C.W., Mateescu, E.M., Zhang, Z., and Hwa, T. (2010). Interdependence of cell growth and gene expression: origins and consequences. Science 330, 1099–1102.
7. Yildiz, A., Forkey, J.N., McKinney, S.A., Ha, T., Goldman, Y.E., and Selvin, P.R. (2003). Myosin V walks hand-over-hand: single fluorophore imaging with 1.5-nm localization. Science 300, 2061–2065.
8. Hopfield, J.J. (1974). Kinetic proofreading: a new mechanism for reducing errors in
biosynthetic processes requiring high specificity. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 71,
9. Hodgkin, A.L., and Huxley, A.F. (1952). A quantitative description of membrane current and its application to conduction and excitation in nerve. J Physiol (Lond) 117, 500–544.
10. Elowitz, M.B., and Leibler, S. (2000). A synthetic oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators. Nature 403, 335–338.
11. Luria SE, Delbrück M. Mutations of Bacteria from Virus Sensitivity to Virus Resistance. Genetics. 1943;28(6):491-511.