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Seminar - Methods and Techniques of Software Performance Management in Internet of Things (IN0014, IN2107, IN4751) 
Winter semester 2020/21
Informatics 17 - Chair of Information Systems and Business Process Management (Prof. Rinderle-Ma)
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Information as slides: https://download.fortiss.org/public/pmwt/2020-07-07_Preliminary_Discussion.pdf

Performance is a key requirement when planning and developing Internet of Things (IoT) architectures and applications. Performance is commonly described by the response time or the throughput of the system. Even though performance is a non-functional requirement, it is critical for the acceptance of new IoT applications. In addition to that, performance has a high impact on the operational as well as the hardware costs of systems and applications.

The goal of this seminar is to establish a basic understanding of the field of software performance management with regards to IoT. We will look at possibilities to identify and address performance issues early in the development process as well as at options to monitor the performance during the operation of applications.

Over the course of this seminar the students will look at different techniques and methods while writing a term paper. The results of each term paper will be presented and discussed with the tutors and all students in the course.
Basic knowledge of:
- Application system architectures
- Software Engineering
- Overview of existing techniques and methods in the field of software performance management
- Experience in using the tools to support the software performance management
Für die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme müssen Sie sich in TUMonline als Studierende*r identifizieren.
Note: To register for this seminar please select and proritize the seminar at the TUM Matching System (http://docmatching.in.tum.de/) between July 16 - 21 and, additionally, send a motivational letter (appr. 250 words) to the following email adress: performance-seminar@fortiss.org. Please include your field of studies, your matriculation number, your current semester as well as your motivation on why you want to participate in this seminar.
In addition we would like to ask you to shortly summarize your prior basic knowledge in: application system architectures, computer architectures and operating systems (see previous knowledge expected).
Performance-oriented DevOps: A Research Agenda
Online information
e-learning course (moodle)
The guidelines of the chair for information systems apply for creating the term paper.