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Intensive Course Spanish A1 
Winter semester 2020/21
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Freie Wahllehrveranstaltung: 3 ECTS-Credits
Allocations: 1 
Angaben zur Abhaltung
In this module, students gain basic knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language, enabling them with minimal language skills to successfully manage basic everyday situations. They learn/practice basic vocabulary concerning family, career, leisure time and food and eating habits, to pose questions to others about themselves and their families and answer similar questions, numbers, gain understanding of prices, using money and telling time, and talk about their day-to-day activities in the present tense using simple sentences. Students acquire knowledge of basic grammar. Opportunities will be made available for self-motivated, independent learning.
The module is aimed at level "A1 Basic English Use" of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). Students gain basic knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language with a general language orientation while taking into consideration intercultural and cultural aspects. After completion of this module, students will have acquired knowledge of everyday expressions and very simple sentences aimed at satisfying concrete needs of everyday life. Students can introduce themselves and others, ask others about themselves and answer similar questions, give simple descriptions of their day-to-day lives and briefly describe themselves in writing. They can communicate their wants and needs to counterparts who speak slowly and clearly and are prepared to help.
  • Spanish
  • German

The module consists of a seminar in which course objectives will be achieved in an activity-oriented, communicative atmosphere through listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises in individual, partner and group work, promoting cooperative learning. Language skills conveyed in the classroom are reinforced through the use of guided self-learning in the form of prepared (online) materials covering fundamental grammar and communication patterns in the foreign language.
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