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Advanced Practical Course - Enterprise Software Engineering at the Example of SAP (IN2128, IN2106, IN212801)  
practical training
Winter semester 2020/21
Informatics 17 - Chair of Information Systems and Business Process Management (Prof. Rinderle-Ma)
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Although the programming language ABAP becomes ancient, it gains still importance as a well-known one for economic applications. Equipped with ABAP programming skills computer scientists learn to understand functionalities of consisting SAP systems and are able to enhance them with additional extensions. Furthermore, offered web technologies from SAP provide the possibility to present economic processes within modern user interface designs.

The practical lab course “Enterprise Services” is aimed for students, who want to become more familiar with both ABAP programming and the applied web technologies (Web Dynpro, BSP, SAPUI5). The course goal is to teach generals concepts of the ABAP programming language. In addition, it allows to explore the different web technologies and to gain individual experience in programming skills. The participants learn to handle the development environment Eclipse. Simultaneously, they are enabled to create simple applications with user dialogs as well as database accesses and to understand and get acquainted with the inner workings of business application programming.
Module IN0001; Module IN0002; Module IN0006; Module IN0008; Module IN2085; Module IN2088; Module IN9012 (recommended)
See module description IN2128 or IN2106
  • German
  • English

- Participation in the introductory course week is mandatory
- Individual homework
- Project (team)
- Presentation and discussion of (preliminar) results in regular status meetings
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Antolovic, M. (2016): Einführung in SAPUI5. 2. Aufl, Rheinwerk Verlag, Bonn 2016.
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Bavaraju, A. (2015): SAP Fiori Implementation and Development, Rheinwerk Publishing 2015.
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Please fill the form until July 15th, 2020. You find the link under course documents!
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