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Basics Nutrition And Food 
Wintersemester 2020/21
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Lehrstuhl für Molekulare Ernährungsmedizin (Prof. Klingenspor)
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Special 2-week introductory lecture for the incoming students in the masters program "Nutrition and Biomedicine". Takes place as a block lecture with morning and afternoon sessions. Not intended for a wider audience.
Absolutely required: Previous knowledge of biochemistry, metabolism and human physiology and organ functions. Please refresh these subjects from you previous studies.
Lectures Nov 2 at 9:00 h in Seminar Room 53 (room 2.98, building 4224 (Biowissenschaften) and will end on Nov. 13. Due to the Corona pandemic, access is limited to 12 students per day. Attending students will be informed prior to the lectures. The lectures will also be screened live via ZOOM. The link to the ZOOM conference as well as the PDFs of the lecture slides will be distributed via the Moodle page.
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Anmerkung: Please register here for this lecture to have access to the course materials in moodle.
will be mentioned during the lectures
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The course Basics Nutrition and Food is a special introductory block lecture for the incoming master students in the program Nutrition and Biomedicine. The lecture takes place as a block lecture in the first two weeks of the semester.
Closer to the exam we will have question time with ample time for scientific discussions with the lecturers. Dates and times will be announced in due course.