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Energy Economics and Hydro Power 
Wintersemester 2020/21
Lehrstuhl für Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft (Prof. Rutschmann)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Energy mix, power gap, price fixing, nuclear phase out, grid stability, primary energy reserves, Paris Agreement on climate change, power prices, security of supply, environmental compatibility: These are the topics dominating the news when it comes to energy economics. How do these issues relate to each other? Which rules do energy economics follow? Conventional power or renewable energies: Contradiction or complement? What about the Interaction between energy economics and legislation, society, media or politics?

Hydro power plays a particular role within energy economics. Therefore, a second part of the lecture deals with hydro power, being the most important renewable energy. Questions to be discussed will be: What are the potentials of hydro power? What is hydro power's relevance concerning the power mix? What are the global trends with respect to hydropower? Based on a real example of a hydro power project issues as approval procedure, design, planning, construction, operation and maintenance strategy will be presented. Also this part of the lecture will demonstrate the numerous interfaces between engineering and other aspects linked to it.
Bachelor in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering.
Students are able to contribute to discussions with the various stakeholders on energy economics and know the various options of power production and it implications. They get an insight in the complex structure of energy and power supply from upstream to downstream. They understand the particular role of hydropower and its global topics.

The lecture is aimed at providing insight into the various aspects of energy economics and at imparting knowledge to the engineer as a basis for working in an unusual and interesting environment.
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