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Computational Methods in Nanoelectronics 
lecture with integrated exercises
Winter semester 2020/21
Associate Professorship of Simulation of Nanosystems for Energy Conversion (Prof. Gagliardi)
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
The course will present a broad overview of computational methods useful in nanoelectronics, ranging from numerical approaches for the determination of the electronic and optical properties of nanostructures to the modeling and simulation of nanodevices.
Basic physical concepts, materials, electronic devices;
Basic programming experience

The content of the following lectures is recommended as previous knowledge:
- Nanoelectronics
- Nanotechnology
The students will learn to understand the mathematical basis of various computational methods. They will be able to analyse current numerical implementations for computation and simulation of nanodevices and create new numerical strategies.

In addition to classical lectures, the students will learn through direct implementation of specific computational methods.
Lectures will be based on powerpoint presentations together with discussions. The computational exercises will take place in a computer lab in student centered way.
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