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Experimental Physics 4 in English 
Summer semester 2021
Assistant Professorship of Observational Cosmology (Prof. Suyu)
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This course is an introduction to astrophysics. Students will get to use their knowledge of physics and mathematics to understand and appreciate many fascinating astronomical phenomena. The course will cover the basic tools of astronomy, the nature of stars, the solar system, galaxies and the Universe.

This course supplements the German course of Experimentalphysik 4, by focusing on the topic of astrophysics that is not covered in the German course and thus offering students the opportunity to learn about astrophysics.
Study of Physics to 4th Semester level. This includes Classical Mechanics, Calculus as well as Linear Algebra.
After successful completion of this module, the student is able to

- measure distances to celestial objects
- explain the life of stars
- measure masses and properties of galaxies
- probe the Universe in various ways
class lecture
2 Hours per week (Lecture)
2 Hours per week (Tutorial)
2 Hours per week (Preparation / Reading / Exercises)
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Lecture slides/material will be provided to accompany the lecture course, and available on the course webpage at:

“An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics”, 2nd Edition, by Bradley W. Carroll & Dale A. Ostlie

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